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Thursday, September 27, 2012

The Joy of Metis

A couple of my favorite things about our new category system Metis, are the proud independence and literal joy I witness daily when students begin their search for books to take home.  
Today for instance, a second grade girl called out, “Andrea, will you help me find a book?”  Answering her with my standard reply, I said, “Sure Alice.  What kinds of books do you like?”
“Funny!” she declared emphatically.
“OK, so where do you think you could find a funny book?” I asked.
Confidently, she pointed to the humor shelves.   Within moments she picked up a book called Spooky Riddles and started reading out loud…seemingly, to whomever would listen: “What yard will kids never play in?” she bellowed. 
She grinned as 4 other students came toward her quietly and curiously, waiting for the answer.  “A graveyard,” she roared. This triggered not only a stream of laughter, but also a desire for everyone else to pick up his or her own joke book.  While the other students took turns cracking each other up with their own jokes, Alice made her way back to me and questioned privately, “Andrea, what’s a grave yard?” 

Ahhhhh…the joy of independent browsing.

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