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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The EC library will whet your APP-etite for fun!

Your librarians want to guide you to find the best apps---games you can feel good about handing to your child (when they beg to play with your electronics!), so we’ll be providing reviews here, and in the EC Bulletin.

Today’s tasty morsel:
GeoMaster ($0.99) tests your knowledge of the US states, the countries of the world, their capitals, cities and flags. Choose a wrong answer, and the game highlights the correct one for instant feedback and memorization. Compare your high score to a friend's or try to beat your personal best-- competition is a great motivator for memorizing geography!

GeoMaster for iPad and iPhone at the Apple App Store; a "lite" version is available for free, but only includes the U.S. states.

You can try these apps with your child after school during open library hours.

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